Monday, June 21, 2010

marvelous monday.


Getting the 11 am phone call from my boss informing me I started my new job Tuesday and was flying to Alaska Monday. nbd.

Discovering Urth Caffe on Beverly Blvd. Such a cute little place! Has a garden to sit in and delicious food/bakery, highly recommend! Crew members were always turning in receipts to this place so I figured it was about time I checked it out!

Spending the entire week around the corner from Sprinkles Cupcakes and not once did I give into temptation!

Having dinner with just my dad Wednesday night...always nice to just have the two of us every once in a while.

So You Think You Can Dance..Kent was amazing! So much heart in that little guy!

LAKERS! Such a great series! So glad I was able to enjoy the final game with the old 2012 crew..definitely a good time!

Operation Pack Up My Life....yeah, didn't even start until Friday night, circa 10 pm.

Names of Stars! Scott's band performed Saturday night at The Mint...such a great turn out, music was great. Loved his opening band - Latch Key Kids. Definitely on iPod repeat. Streets of Gold is my new summer anthem.

A perfect Father's Day - we all went out to Aunt Carol's house...layed in the pool, bbq'd.....perfect SoCal day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

post secret fun.

Monday, June 14, 2010

marvelous monday.

my favs!

having the entire week off. I didn't even know what to do with myself! much needed R&R.

sleeping in every. single. day.

My new camera...just in time for my big adventure!

another spotting of the grilled cheese truck! showed mom what she was missing out on - she of course thought it was wonderful!

did not love the 405 being CLOSED on Wednesday - yep, definitely took me over an hour to get to Sony. Ridic!

celebrity sighting of the week: Alexander Skarsgard...hello!

self control....going up to the outlets and buying absolutely nothing!

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE....season is off to an amazing start, loving the 10 (11)contestant/SYTYCD all star mix!

The attempt to see Beetlejuice in the Hollwood Forever Cemetery: epic fail. Bucci and I got there over an hour early, but obvi wasn't enough...gates closed, oh well!

finally watched Inglorious Basterds...according to Netflix, I've had it since April 28th...ouchy! Great movie, definitely recommend it!

My martial arts class...where have I been all these years?! Such a great energy release.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Update

7. Take a self defense class

not a whole lot to say, except....why didn't I start learning a few moves years ago?!
definitely enjoyed this and will continue to take a class or two when I can!

23. See a movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Bucci and I attempted to see Beetlejuice at the cemetery last night....and so did the rest of Los Angeles. We got there around 7 and didn't get in...oh well. Maybe next time! Definitely was one hell of a night - between not getting into the cemetery and then trying to go see a movie at the Archlight to find out the only available seats were in the front row and separated by a handicap chair....yeah, we just came home.

Hopefully our tomorrow afternoon trip to the Getty Villa will be more successful!

Monday, June 7, 2010

marvelous monday.

my favs!

Lakers killin the Celtics in Game 1! We won't talk about Game 2....but Game 1 was amazing!

Officially wrapping out the Bad Teacher Accounting office. Nice to be done!

Abbot Kinney's First Fridays.....First of all: Where have I been all these First Fridays?! Was such a nice night to walk the streets of Venice!

The Grilled Cheese Where else can I find a brie, honey, and sliced pear sandwich on cranberry walnut bread that is 1. served off a truck and 2. under 8 bucks?! Heaven.

Spontaneous Jeanne-Marie comes to LA trips...made my weekend!

Pink Taco Happy Hour! Monday-Sunday, 3-7...who knew?! So Glad I tried this place out!

Finding a cute summer dress (that I don't need and won't even be in Cali to wear) for a whole $5 at H&M

Watched Dear John Sunday night...I have officially cried in every single Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie I have ever seen.

2 am big deal.

Still being awake at 2 am to feel the earthquakes...yes, trying to break my 10 pm bedtime!

My first Monday in 2 years that I didn't wake up to an alarm...feels so good/weird/I could get used to this!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chillin at the W..

good times with great friends make the best memories.

marvelous monday (tuesday edition).

I figure I'm off the hook this week since Monday was a holiday!

Finishing a bottle of perfume that I've had since I was a senior in high school..took long enough!

Jack Johnson on the Santa Monica amazing, I loved every minute of it! We were so was so worth the pain my feet were in from standing for 2+ hours.

Burgers and beer (Alaskan Ale, getting myself ready!) at Father's Office with Mia and Jamie...followed by lattes and dessert at La Dijonaise...soooo stuffed, but soooo good!

Having absolutely nothing to do at work...yes, rather boring but so nice to be able to breathe again!

Using my free work time to do some internet shopping! Damn the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale.

Driving down PCH....took Andrew up to Malibu Friday afternoon and it was absolutely beautiful.

Cabo Happy more needs to be said.

Celebrating Kristen's 25th birthday at the W in Westwood! So nice to get everyone together and be able to get away!

Spotted at the W Pool lunching away: Mr. and Mrs. Governator.

Taking Andrew and Co down to Hollywood...loved all of the characters dressed up on Hollywood Blvd..and crossing another item off my list!

Spending Memorial Day at the beach with my brother! Toes in the sand, nowhere else I'd rather be.

Love me some 3 day weekends....amazing how that extra day can really help charge the good 'ol batteries!