Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunday Funday Rewind..

Cruisin' down Pacific Coast Highway..

marvelous monday.

I Love LA.

Working on the Universal lot has been amazing - where else can you see both The Grinch and Beetlejuice in the lunch line, on the same day?!

I'd rather take the horrible LA rains at 65 degrees over the snow and sub-zero temperatures of Alaska.

2012 reunion party/Kat' birthday was fantastic. I love how you can go 2 years without seeing someone and it's as if no time has passed at all. Such a great group of people!

Another 6-8 months since my last dentist appointment...and I am still cavity free!

The Conservatory has the best vanilla latte that I've had in a while...simply heaven (my reward for no cavities).

I am addicted to the seat warmers in my car.

I love being able to sit outside and drink my coffee again.

I came home wearing 10 pounds of Alaska "goodness" long will it take to disapear?!

Holidays came/went extremely fast this year. I loved spending it with the family usual, spent Christmas day eating our Jewish breakfast of lox and bagels (as if I hadn't gotten enough of it up in Alaska) followed by the Laker game/turkey dinner at Carol and Rick's. I love our traditions!

Had such a great Sunday Funday wine tasting with Jeanne-Marie and Nick! Followed by Umami Burger, which my boss reminded me I had already eaten at before. So much for me trying to try new places!

Monday, December 13, 2010

marvelous monday.

This week was a complete blur....maybe it has something to do with only getting 6 hours of sunlight a day.

I ate at Snow City both Saturday and Sunday for breakfast....and of course ordered the same thing. A create-your-own omelet with Havarti cheese, tomatoes, bacon, and mushrooms. Hash browns and honey oat toast. Perfection!

4 boxes out....2 suitcases to go. This whole packing thing just makes me wonder where all this stuff comes from. But, 4 boxes is nothing in retrospect - some crew members shipped home 20+!

I went for a drive over by the coastal trail yesterday...the same trail that I once walked on is completely covered in snow, and the water that I looked out on has chunks of ice floating in it. But none the less, still breathtaking.

Deb and I went to happy hour at Simon and Seafort's last night and watched the sunset over the Inlet...absolutely beautiful, and full of so many colors.

My last night sleeping at the Captain Cook! It's been fun, but I feel I have officially hit my expiration date for Alaska.

My next post will be from the City of Angels...Goodbye Alaska, thanks for the memories!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

48 hours.

Goodbye, Snow City. My favorite spot in Anchorage.

As much as I thought I'd look forward to this day - it's a weird feeling. Looking back on my experience up here, it wasn't so bad. I met some amazing people. People who have left footprints on my heart, teaching me valuable lessons that will last a lifetime. I "gave up" 6 months of my life to come here and be a part of this movie. Although I hit a few bumps along the way, I sure did enjoy the ride. Thank you to all of you who shared this experience with me.

My first time witnessing a sunset at 4 in the afternoon. Mind you, the sun also didn't come up until 9:30 am! A magnificent sight.

Monday, December 6, 2010

marvelous monday.

The whole crew has officially left. The hotel is full of strange faces...yet I still look into Fletchers aka Cheers every time I walk by to see if I recognize someone.

My packing extravaganza has begun...I sent one box home today, and debated writing "Amanda's Shit, Part 1" in the reference section...but held back when I realized it shows up on the FedEx bill.

I cannot wait to get home to decent internet...I am sooo behind on all of my tv shows since nothing can load/buffer here in this hotel!

I had a buffalo sliders for dinner last night....and they tasted like hamburger meat to me.

New Years Eve @ The Hard Rock with all my favorite girls: BOOKED! Can't wait. It makes me smile to be making plans back at home with my girlfriends.

Started my New Years/Bahamas diet today...sans the slice of pizza I had for dinner tonight. We're just going to leave that part out.

8 degrees outside....8. How do people survive in a world where you can't sit outside and enjoy your coffee year round?! Or is that just something that I enjoy doing?

I finally, after 6 months...broke down and bought a Snow City travel coffee mug. I have been in there every Sunday and looked at the cups/tshirts and never bought one. I decided it was time.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

guilty pleasures.

I can't get enough of it....not matter how awful the plot line gets, I still watch it!

Maybe it's for the love of Chuck Bass.. and Nate Archibald.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

memories of you.

missing the bestie...and the best trip to vegas thus far!

something to ponder...

I spent quite a bit of time today thinking about how crazy life can be...

People come in and out of your life....some, you never see again - whether you knew them for a few days, or even a few years....but we can be forever changed just by knowing them.

Meaning....something you learned or took away from a person could stay with you a lifetime - whether it's words to live by or impacting your view/outtake on life.

This time around...I revisited something I've been told time and time again - you only live once. I might regret the headache in the morning, but if I had a good time and had my share of laughs and smiles...then it makes it all worth while.

This time around...I learned to never settle for anything less than butterflies. There are people out there who can make you feel on top of the world..I can't even describe the feeling, but I can say this- it's awesome.

This time around..I learned that you really can't control your heart and who it goes after...especially when you aren't even looking.

This time around.....I have the greatest friends in the world...but I already knew this! A shoulder to cry on at 2 in the morning, or even just the words of encouragement when you've hit a bump in the road....or the "just because" hello's that make my day.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

for the love of the sandals.

....also referred to as "jandals" by the Kiwis.