Tuesday, March 29, 2011

marvelous monday (tuesday edition).

I am going to start by saying that the season finale of Californication was awesome. I feel it left the show in such a great spot - Hank cruising off into the sunset while the story of his life is being made into a movie, Becca and Karen always on his mind..

P90X is kicking my ass. I have muscles sore that I didn't even know existed. I'm not following the workout routine religiously, but rather incorporating it in to my daily routine. I even got my dad doing it - and this is a guy who has worked out his entire life, I can do anything, etc...and sure enough, 5 minutes into a cardio disc he was already dripping in sweat like the rest of us who have attempted the "Fight Club" of workout routines.

Spring Cleaning 2011: Deleted 35+ facebook "friends" and feeling fabulous! I participated in Jimmy Kimmel's National Defriend Day earlier this year and removed around 150 "friends"...I keep putting friends in quotes because I don't feel that the guy I shared notes with in Psych 101 or the random I met at a frat party sophomore year qualify as friends. Not to mention, I realized I don't need these people I don't even know having access to my photos and posts. I have become way too familiar with the 'unfriend' button. It's just so easy.

Jury Duty - I was on call all week and would do a little dance the first few nights when I would call in and hear the delightful message that says "you do not need to report for service, please call back tomorrow after 5 pm." Much to my dismay, my experience was not the same Wednesday night. I was nervous as I dialed, entered in all my info..and heard the machine of death: "please report tomorrow morning at 7:45 to the criminal justice center located on Temple St....blah blah...no sandals (!!!!!!!!!!!!) or cut-off shorts will be permitted, please dress business casual." Yeah, bite me jury duty. I won't even go into the fact that the designated parking area was 6 blocks from the courthouse, but I will say that I WAS DISMISSED and good to go for another year! Done.

Every morning I come downstairs, make coffee, and watch tv. This usually happens around 8-8:30. Well, one morning I was an early riser and made it downstairs at the solid hour of 7:56. And, like a little kid on Christmas morning, was beyond ecstatic to find out that BOY MEETS WORLD is on ABC Family from 7-8 am. Series recording already set on the DVR ( no one remind me that I do own seasons 1 and 2 on dvd, that is not the point here).

Saturday night the neighbors had our family over for what they called Thanksgiving in March. It was nice to have a Thanksgiving dinner with them - a family that has been in my life for as long as I can remember; picked me up from school, taken family vacations with, but never shared Thanksgiving since we all spend it with our blood families. It reminded me family doesn't always have to be blood, but rather the people who are there through it all.

Every Thursday afternoon of my senior year of high school was spent cooking food and bringing it down to the local Salvation Army Center to serve to the homeless. The lasagna we made was always my favorite and I always said one day I'd try to make it myself. Well, Sunday night was the night. It only took me 7 years, but better late than never right? right. It turned out fantastic! I can definitely see why people just make frozen lasagna, considering the money and time that go into the homemade. But, the homemade tasted better and was my own, so that's all there is to it. Frozen was so 1998.

Tried Pho yesterday for the first time ever....and I didn't hate it. I actually would eat it again!

Received funemployment check #2 today...I could so get used to this lifestyle of receiving money for doing nothing (remind me how much I 'loved' my lifestyle in a month when I'm dying to get back to work).

Tonight I discovered a channel called "The Hub"...and let's just say I may never leave the couch ever again. "The Hub" is home to reruns of Doogie Howser, Happy Days, The Wonder Years...and if I make it up super early, Fraggle Rock and Strawberry Shortcake. Reason #10392032 of why I love cable.

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